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The trend-setting planning concept for architects, interior designers, room planners & interior design enthusiasts

The SpiritPlanning Process

combines the eastern teachings of Feng Shui with the western, modern building culture.

Every planning begins with the Feng Shui analysis and refinement of the following elements: entrance and its orientation, cooking, sleeping and dreaming, as well as working and self-fulfillment.

By looking at these important areas of life in space, we understand the direction from which the cosmic forces affect the lives of the inhabitants. In this way, we can specifically transform weakening energies.

In this SpiritPlanning process we remove energetic blockages and transform them into abundance, wealth and well-being.


combines the eastern teachings of Feng Shui with the western, modern building culture.

Spaces in which human will draw hope, support and confidence.

The central idea in the planning concept is the integration of western and eastern building cultures. Here, not only engineering and design thoughts are considered, which are in demand in the western influenced, modern architecture. It also asks about the origin of the place and the people / builders.

The goal of this concept is to develop a tangible and lasting commitment between people and space, to transform the premises into distinctive, aesthetically valuable and personal places to find joy and fulfillment in life. It is assumed that the interaction between people and space has a significant impact on the well-being and self-realization. The decisive factor is that performance, creativity, satisfaction and happiness can be found where we feel comfortable. This is where we gather new energies that we so need for the challenges of our future.

This unique approach is based on the individuality of the counterpart.

Essential customer needs are analyzed and quickly understood in order to create architecture with added value and in harmony with nature based on them. Architects, space planners & people interested in interior design increasingly become designers of place and space where people feel valuable and good.

Kathrin Schmack has been practicing this planning approach for more than 20 years now and has managed to create a lasting and tangible magical bond between people and space through small or large spatial changes. A long-term sustainable methodology.

With her work she has supported many people to discover their true potential, to bring more harmony into family structures and to come to inner peace in challenging times.


Kathrin Schmack

SpiritPlanning Essentials

The challenges of the future on our planet require a healing of our human souls. SpiritPlanning is interior design in harmony with nature that enables this healing in our everyday living space.



The wisdom of nature says: Every place has its own peculiarity. This peculiarity has the potential for growth. For people and space. We uncover this potential in the design phase and individually develop the most important functional areas in the building floor plan. This creates a spirit that runs through the entire planning process and enters into harmony with the site. In the constant interaction between people and space lies the key to greater well-being and self-realization. Understanding the magical connection to the forces of nature and incorporating them to the right degree is what drives us every day and is the art of SpiritPlanning.


Learn to follow the call of your soul

Humans want to be humans. By integrating western building culture and eastern philosophy we create a symbiosis of both worlds. Modern engineering, innovative design creations and western influenced architecture combine with the eastern influenced approach to let the origin of man and place flow in. The result is space that meets not only our functional needs, but rather the silent but insistent calls of our soul.


Planning in cosmic dialogue

The play of forces in the Tao becomes visible in the appearance of the 5 elements. Also called phases of transformation, they describe all phenomena on earth. Each element can be assigned to a cardinal direction. Furthermore, there is an assignment to a form and a color world. Dive into the color world and the cosmos of the 5 elements.

Also every single human being is associated with one of the 5 elements. In our planning we connect human and space via the 5 elements. An interior approach in which a wonderful, cosmic dialogue is created.











SpiritPlanning MEANING

Unification of the eastern teachings of Feng Shui and the western, modern building culture.
Space communication for our souls.


The harmony theory Feng Shui is a Taoist art and has a significant influence on the eastern building tradition. Translated, the Chinese word Feng Shui means something like "wind and water." It is all based on the idea of bringing people into harmony with their surroundings. There are numerous holistic techniques for this, which I myself learned from three great masters who have had a significant influence on me. Master Yap Cheng Hai, Master Yap Bo Chu and Master Eva Wong.

They have provided me with a completely new way of looking at and applying to architecture that allows us to meet today's complex demands within climate change in particular, in a completely new way. We don't have to wait for the perfect floor plan when we know techniques to conjure true strength even from a weak place. Now in the value shift is the moment to understand that it's all about human needs, surrounded by natural laws that we must respect. If we use, for example, the knowledge in the correct handling of the 5 elements, with street or land formulas, completely new, armonious foundations arise to consciously design future architecture and strong power places.

SpiritPlanning is the return and turning of our built world back to nature. It is wonderful work to work with the laws and forces of nature, as I do every day.


The human being in the western modern age lives in an environment that is characterized by functionality, ratio and materialism. Every single one of us learns from childhood to integrate into our system. Consequently, we live in spaces that are designed to meet our physical and social needs; indeed, we are inevitably put into architectural spaces. The size of these spaces is not crucial. Rather, what is crucial is that while our bodies may settle into an apartment or a house, our souls definitely want more.

We are and remain biological beings and our soul needs the connection to nature, to the cosmos. Consider that you are right now, where you read these lines, perhaps in a room, in a train or also in a cafe, in any case, however, you are in the space. Together with me and all other people. All of our souls and our hearts want to feel exactly this connection at every moment of our existence.

Through space communication, which we integrate into Western architectural planning with the transcendent, Eastern-influenced space design technique of SpiritPlanning, we address the needs of our souls. We satisfy our souls and our hearts and learn to live more and more from our holistic source of being.

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Better as Feng Shui“

Living Talk

MRS. SCHMACK, WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU DO? SpiritPlanning combines Feng Shui with western building culture.

WHY IS THAT A GOOD IDEA? Feng Shui is not about appearance, it's about making people feel good. Interior design is more about aesthetics. When you combine the two, you get homes or offices that look good and bring people peace, harmony and clarity.

DO YOU HAVE AN EXAMPLE? Front yards or the lobby of a business should be as spacious as possible. I call such areas "pocket for the money." A spacious entrance is calming and helps new ideas to emerge - the basis for economic success.