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Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?
The "PRACTIONER" and "MASTER" modules are taught in Costa Rica

Become a SpiritPlanning expert in 2 modules!

Become a SpiritPlanning expert in 2 modules!

Your soul is longing for who you really are while surrounding tries to squeeze you into something that you are not. This is why we need our private temples where our true self can glow and grow. At that point we start to need SpiritPlanning.

Kathrin Schmack

SpiritPlanning Modules as Retreat

Designing the NEW EARTH together with the spirits of nature.

The SpiritPlanning training is aimed at anyone who wants to integrate Feng Shui into their life. My retreats are attended by housewives and business people, but also by architects who want to integrate this art into their professional lives. People who want to embark on a journey to bring about real change in their lives and actively shape our NEW EARTH as co-creators. Our western way of thinking about interior design is enriched by a 6000 year old traditional teaching and creates a powerful foundation for the future of man and nature.

This wisdom will help us to remember, that the universe, with the earth in it is our bigger home, in which we have our houses and then we live in our bodies, everything is nested within each other like a Russian doll.

SpiritPlanning is a holistic, sustainable approach that teaches how to weave the individual into the creative tapestry between heaven and earth. The changes are vital and profound, and they lead into a harmonic future of work and life.

Dipl.- Ing. Kathrin Schmack
Interior architect and Feng Shui master
Author of the book:
SpiritPlanning. Co-Creation – Planen und Bauen mit den Kräften der Natur

As a guest:
Maria Milagros Kowalski, shamanic healer.

SpiritPlanning Retreat Modules

Two modules - „PRACTITIONER“ and „MASTER“ – which build on each other:

Retreat :
Training to be a SpiritPlanning counsellor
In this 7-day SpiritPlanning® training you will learn the foundation of SpiritPlanning©. You will learn how to bring living and working areas into cosmic harmony with their inhabitans.
Retreat :
Modul 2 "MASTER"
Training to be a SpiritPlanning counsellor
In this 7-day, also build-up programme SpiritPlanning© training you will complete your knowledge by integrating the influences of roads mountains and water as well as me lemporal aspecis or a planning process, working with good timing.

The Retreat in Costa Rica

In both modules, Kathrin Schmack shares her expertise from over 20 years of experience with SpiritPlanning and combines the content with important methods from personal development.

Based on her personal story and real case studies from everyday life as an architect, a strong connection to reality and fast, inspiring learning is achieved.

Through her plannings and consultations Kathrin has already guided many people in creating their home aligned to their true nature. Her clients and customers are living daily a fulfilled life due to the harmonious living spaces that create the best environment for fulfilling all the areas of their lives. By creating taylor-made sanctuaries she is aligning the forces of the universe and making it a solid building structure that is in harmony with the universe.

This wisdom will help us to remember, that the universe, with the earth in it is our bigger home, in which we have our houses and then we live in our bodies, everything is nested within each other like a Russian doll.
Spirit Planning is like that invisible thread that is holding everything together putting everything in harmony. You cannot see it but it is there, woven into everything that surrounds you, the furniture, the walls, the trees, the birds, the minerals, the water, us humans. SpiritPlanning is like a symphony, that is created in harmony and peace.

We´ve been constructing buildings that look away from nature. The modern built world turned away from the soul and the forces of nature. We have to look back into nature, into the hidden soul of nature, and from there we can build and create a strong future of architecture for all of us.

Experience SpiritPlanning's holistic approach by immersing yourself in an all-inclusive retreat in Costa Rica. This 7-day workshop challenges you on all levels of being and provides a solid foundation in Module 1 that lays the groundwork for all subsequent practices.

Led by renowned interior designer and SpiritPlanning expert Kathrin Schmack, this small group retreat offers a clear and easy-tounderstand presentation of the complex SpiritPlanning system with many opportunities for intensive learning and growth.

But this retreat is about more than theoretical knowledge. Through practices such as yoga, meditation and breathwork, you will explore your own personal journey and gain a deeper understanding of the transformational and evolutionary potential of SpiritPlanning.

And all of this takes place amidst the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica's nature, offering a truly immersive and life-changing experience. Join us on this journey of change and growth and help us look at the world's resources from a new perspective.

The Highlights:

7 days of intensive training sessions
Teaching the basics through theoretical content and practical case studies
Mindful Morning Sessions to start the day with Meditation and Breath Work
Wonderful earth, water and fire ceremonies as well as guided safaris in the breathtaking nature of Costa Rica round off the program.

About the learning content:

SpiritPlanning Retreat in Detail

The ACCOMMODATIONS at our private beach resort

Directly on the beach at Playa Blanca we live in cozy single and double rooms, some with en-suite bathroom.

A rich breakfast with freshly squeezed juices, fruit and regional ingredients as well as organic coffee is provided.

All rooms have direct access to the beach and views of the gulf or the garden.

The daily transfer to our nearby seminar location, a wonderfully natural organic farm in the middle of the wilderness, is also included in the seminar price.

Here we will not only learn the wisdom of SpiritPlanning, but also learn a lot about the magic of nature by enjoying guided safaris, a night walk in the wilderness and a lesson on organic farming and the power of nature's healing herbs.

We are lovingly cooked for every day by women from the nearby village, who spoil us with fresh, rich regional products in a way that is typical of the country.

Our daily seminar location, the farm, has a swimming pool, various organic plantations, vegetable gardens, orchards and a pristine forest of about 25 hectares.


07:00 – 08:00 Breakfast

08:00 – 09:00 Transfer to the farm

09:00 – 09:30 Mindful morning session

09:30 – 12:30 Session 1

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch break

14:00 – 18:00 Session 2

from 18:00 Dinner / guided night walk / free time / private Reiki sessions / private planning sessions

Transfer to the Beachhouse depending on the program


  • Training: 7-day intensive workshop, learning of theoretical basics and practical case studies, handing out of a workbook.
  • Certificate: Upon completion of the module, each participant will receive an official certificate.
  • Accommodation: 8 nights in a private beach lodge in simple double and single rooms, some with private bathroom
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, 2x coffee breaks with fruit and snacks
  • Arrival: Group transfer from San Jose airport to Ola Peninsula in the morning - including some interesting architectural tours on the way.
  • Earth, Water and Fire Ceremonies, a guided night walk, a guided safari, a guided tour of the farm's medicinal herb garden
  • Taxes & tips


  • Onward journey from Puerto Jimenez or return journey from Puerto Jimenez to San José
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tarot Readings
  • private Reiki-Sessions
  • LuoPans, private SpiritPlanning consultations


Your registration

Once you have paid a deposit of EUR 500 / USD 600, your registration for the module you have booked is binding.

The deposit serves as confirmation of registration..

Confirmation of registration with a pro forma invoice by e-mail. When registering, please indicate to which address (private/institution) the invoice should be issued.

The balance of the total amount is to be paid 3 weeks before the start of the course. You will find the exact date of the final payment in the description of your seminar. The minimum number of participants is 7.

Once the deposit has been received, your registration is binding.

If the course does not take place, you will be informed in good time. Please register early, as the number of places is limited and some courses may be fully booked well in advance. The registration deadline is stated in the course announcement. If places are still available after this date, we also accept your registration at short notice.
You will find the applicable course fees in our seminar description. These include the statutory value added tax. It is not possible to pay your course fee directly on site.

If you register after the registration deadline, a processing fee of € 150 will be added to the course fee to cover the additional organizational costs. The course fee includes the 5-7 day workshop, the seminar documents (folder with script and note material), our meals, snacks and drinks during breaks, a daily vegetarian lunch and a daily "Mindful Morning Session". When registering for our retreats, accommodation costs may also be included in the course price. Details can be found in the respective announcements. You will receive your confirmation of participation and a certificate during the course.

If the course fee is not paid into our account on time, we reserve the right to make your place available to another participant. Please note that the full course fee must always be paid without an active course fee must always be paid.

Cancellations can be made at any time in writing by email to Cancellations are only valid if they are received directly by the organizer (GLB). A phone call to the venue is not sufficient. The deposit amounts (500 EUR or 600 USD for our retreats abroad and 200 Euro for our workshops in Düsseldorf) correspond to the cancellation fees and are therefore non-refundable.

Cancellation is no longer possible once the full participation fee has been paid 3 weeks before the start of the course.
We therefore recommend that you take out appropriate insurance, even in the event that the course has to be canceled or postponed. In the event of non-attendance or cancellation within 3 weeks before the start of the course, the participation fee must be paid in full, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

Of course, a substitution of the registered participant is possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, there is internet in the room and in the restaurant.

In Costa Rica you can pay with USD as well as with the local currency Colonnes. Payment by credit card is also common. We had good experiences with Mastercard, you can pay almost everywhere with it.

There is an ATM in Puerto Jimenez, 4 KM from the lodge.

Yoga mats are available for each guest.

On request

We recommend you visit Corcovado National Park before or after the retreat, as a one or two day trip, starting in Puerto Jimenez.
Info at:

Above all, curiosity, love and an open heart for the holistic wisdom of SpiritPlanning 🙂

Light, comfortable clothes, swimsuit, flip-flops, sun hat, rain jacket, walking shoes, a large A4 notebook, pencils, ruler, triangle, a pocket compass or - if available - a Lo Pan (Chinese compass).

Please bring the plan and some pictures of your house or apartment.

You do not need any previous experience for this course.

Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive a certificate entitling them to participate in Module 2.

We will have classes every day, as this is a compact training. But we will have a varied program that includes visits to nature and the surrounding area.

The content of the training program builds on each other day by day and ends with a complex task that must be completed for successful participation. But don't worry, this task will be very fulfilling for you and you will be very happy to do it. So far, every participant has successfully passed the first module.

Yes, you can order a special menu in consultation with the hotel.

What is the Sense of my SpiritPlanning Academy?

In my Academy I teach the return of our modern architecture to nature and ... heart education.

Educating Ihe mind without educating the heart is no education at all.


Modern Western architecture has turned its back on nature.
But our souls long for a connection with nature.

As an Architect, I have over 30 years of experience with people in space. However, it was my own study of Feng Shui over 20 years ago that opened up a way for me to answer this longing for untouched nature, which is also my own nature.

SpiritPlanning is the return and turning of our built world back to nature. It is wonderful work to work with the laws and forces of nature, as I do every day.

There are so many hidden treasures in this world of natural laws that were poured into a powerful Taoist application system more than 6,000 years ago. From this I have developed SpiritPlanning. It is much more than Feng Shui, because it combines both worlds, Eastern philosophy and modern spatial planning. And it also takes the planner as a person by the hand in their own personal development and leads them towards a life of lightness and harmony.

Every plan that we architects have developed since then on this basis becomes a symphony, composed with joy and lightness of heart, in harmony with the residents, for their well-being, their health and their success.

By listening to the rhythm of the earth and integrating the cosmic rules, we create a wonderful living balance in which growth can flourish.

In my academy, I would like to pass on this knowledge to architects and planners in order to support as many people as possible in leading a fulfilled life in a new connection with nature on our beautiful planet.

The regular planning process is enhanced by a 6,000-year-old teaching steeped in tradition, creating a powerful foundation for the future of people and nature.

A sustainable approach that teaches to focus on the individual and being, delivering profound value to clients and commissioners.

The Academy is divided into two modules - Practitioner and Master - which build on each other.

In both modules, Kathrin Schmack shares her expertise from over 20 years of experience with SpiritPlanning and combines the content with important methodologies from personal development. Using her personal story and real case studies from the architect's everyday life, a strong connection to reality and faster learning is achieved.

Kathrin has led many people back to their true nature in her projects and consultations. Every day, her clients and customers are supported by her harmoniously planned living spaces to live a fulfilled and free life beyond societal, materialistic constraints.