Consulting :

Personal living space consultation with KATHRIN SCHMACK

Expand your possibilities by aligning your home with the forces of the universe to get the best out of all areas of your life.

Kathrin needs the following information in advance of the consultation:

  • A floor plan of the premises
  • Details of the residents' dates of birth
  • Formulating the consulting objectives
  • Specification of the exact residential address

The focus of this online Feng Shui consultation is the analysis of the holistic basic structure of your home and suggestions for its optimization.

The following areas are examined: Location and arrangement of entrance, kitchen, sleeping area, work area. By analyzing the location of these essential areas, we ask about the direction from which the energy comes to the place and what mental information you as an inhabitant deal with in your life. We see where weakening forces are located and how we can transform them into vital energies by optimizing the floor plan constellation.

Experience this powerful, magical tool, personally applied by Kathrin Schmack.

Change your life by realigning the directions in your home. Let's create magic together. Architecture inspires. Our home is our home. Perhaps you also sense the enormous influence our own four walls have on our lives.

Experience in your personal online living space consultation which hidden powers lie dormant in your home and how you can release these powers for your future. Connect with the powerful energies of heaven and earth in your home and experience your personal future in a completely new dimension.

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